I am an enthusiastic creator and nurturer of ideas as well as a producer with 13 years of experience in the development and production of content and original video across all video platforms - social media, digital video, and linear television.

Managing initiatives for MTV, theCHIVE, Discovery, and Science Channel has given me the opportunity to lead teams as small as 2 and as large as 24. This has allowed me to hone my leadership, collaboration, and support skills to set myself and my team up to succeed in all working environments.

Check out some of my content examples below and feel free to hit me up here.

Naked and Afraid | Savage

After being medically forced out of competition last season on Naked and Afraid XL, Naked and Afraid survivalist Matt Wright embarks on a quest of redemption and goes it solo in one of the deadliest environments known to man, Africa's Selati Basin.

*Developed exclusively for the Discovery GO app.

Shark Week | Daily Bite

All Shark Week long, Luke Tipple showcases some of the biggest discoveries and headlines to come out of the deep blue sea.

*Developed exclusively for Shark Week.

On-Air | Discovery Motor Minute

Partnering with MotorTrend, Chris Jacobs hosts a weekly minute of motor news that features Discovery and MotorTrend editorial and content during Discovery’s Motor Monday block of programming.

New York Comic Con Photo Coverage

Produced multiple years of photographer Colin Gray's NYCC cosplay coverage for such partners as MTV News, SyFy Channel and the official cosplay coverage for reedpop (producer of NYCC).

CHIVE Studios

Founded and created CHIVE Media Group's in house development and production department.  This group oversaw all forms of content production across the entire company, including all original and branded content. 

Giphy + Shark Week | Gifs and Stickers

In our quest to offer all types of content, we partnered with GIPHY and young artists to create a unique offering of Gifs and Stickers to support Shark Week.  During this new strategy and content offering flight, the official Shark Week Giphy account saw 230 million views with four of our stickers trending on Instagram and Snapchat.  *Featured in Instagram, Snapchat and beyond


To surface more of the themes around the work and techniques used to understand and hunt the Unabomber, we created a series of videos to inform and breakdown his reign of terror.

Moonshiners Guide to Cocktails

The cast of Discovery's Moonshiners share some trendy cocktails featuring their moonshine.